Holding pattern for ’suit, CCS lights

Two agenda items, one regarding proposed ballfield lighting and the other Steve and Ginny Williams’ request for changes to the Town subdivision regulations, were postponed last week at the request of the applicants prior to the regular Thursday, Oct. 21, Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting.

Ballfield lighting.

Applicant Jeff Jordan asked that a requested Farragut Municipal Code amendment regarding outdoor site lighting, to allow for ballfield lighting custom-designed not to affect neighboring properties, be removed Oct. 18, according to an e-mail provided by Town Community Development director Mark Shipley.

“After discussing with the church, we have decided to pull the text amendment agenda item from Thursday’s meeting,” Jordan wrote.

The issue had been the subject of two Town Staff/Developer meetings and the September FMPC meeting, during which Jordan and First Baptist Concord officials discussed the possibility of installing bal field lights at the church-sponsored Concord Christian School.

Some area residents have publicly opposed the proposal at both the FMPC meeting and the October Staff/Developer meeting.

It is unclear if or when the issue might come before the FMPC in the


Williamses’ request

The Farragut residents had asked the FMPC to consider “clarifying existing language (and) exempt estate-sized lots in subdivisions of 10 or less dwelling units from the requirement for vehicular and pedestrian/shared use path connectivity.”

Williams and his wife had appeared at the September Staff/Developer to outline the request, but had withdrawn it from FMPC consideration as of Oct. 21.

The Williamses have asked the proposal be postponed until January “to see if the FMPC and the BOMA will become open minded to change,” Steve Williams said in an e-mail.

“Mayor (Ron) Williams in the (Staff/Developer) meeting stated, ‘They are asking for something we are not going to do. And, if you are asking someone to do something, you don’t be suing them.’

“(We) do not believe the Board is coming to (our) proposal with any willingness to listen to residents that overwhelmingly supported these changes at the BOMA variance meeting this summer,” Steve Williams added.

The couple’s property abuts land earmarked for The Grove at Boyd Station subdivision, and they have asked several times that the Town not require, propose or in any way suggest connectivity between the properties.

The couple filed suit against the Town Aug. 20, asking a circuit court judge to vacate site plan approval by the FMPC and overturn the denial of an ensuing appeal by the Williamses, which was denied by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The lawsuit was served on Town attorney Tom Hale on Monday, Oct. 12, and he said at the time the Town has 30 days to respond unless an extension is granted.