3 cited by Town Beer Board

Two Farragut businesses cited for underage beer sales were assessed fines by the Town Beer Board Oct. 14, while a third had its beer sales licence suspended for 21 days.

Fairfield Inn, 11763 Snyder Road, and Hampton Inn, 11340 Campbell Lakes Drive, had been cited by Knox County Sheriff’s Office for underage sales occurring Aug. 12, while Smart Serve Market, 800 N. Campbell Station Road, was cited March 8 for the same infraction.

KCSO Detective Brian Cole was present during three separate hearings to detail the charges filed, and Town Attorney Tom Hale also was present.

Trent Walker represented Fairfield Inn and Darren Tallent represented Hampton Inn during hearings conducted by the Beer Board. No representative from Smart Serve was present, even though Town recorder Allison Myers stated owner Peter Patel had been served notice of the hearing.

Both Walker and Tallent plead guilty to the charges, and each business was assessed a $500 fine after being given a choice between the fine and a 14-day sales suspension.

Walker said the individual who made the sale “is no longer with the company,” while Tallent explained, “(Our) assistant manager was new and was covering a shift.

“She looked at the ID (presented), but got the month wrong. (After being cited) we stopped selling beer for over a month, and (all staff) was retrained or newly trained.”

According to Town records, it was the second citation for underage beer sales for Smart Serve, as the business had been fined $500 by the Town in 2018. In keeping with the Beer Board’s stated penalties, its beer license was suspended for 21 days during the Oct. 14 hearing.

However, the business has since filed a motion to vacate the decision, and its request will be heard during the next Beer Board meeting beginning at 5:15 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 28.