Time to be warm, welcoming to visitors

First of all, I want to say how pleased the Board of Mayor and Aldermen was to cut the ribbon on the BlueCross Healthy Place at Town Hall Park last week. Having an inclusive playground in Farragut has been a priority for me since joining the board in 2018, and it was phenomenal for the Town to be chosen to receive this beautiful play space from the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation.

It is especially meaningful to me because of my deep passion for students and adults with disabilities. This playground will be a place that leaves no one behind and brings all people together. 

Second, I want to say how much the board is looking forward to switching on the lights at Founders Park on Monday, Nov. 22. Through CARES Act funds, Light the Park expanded in a big way last year; and this year, there will be even more lights along Campbell Station Road.

The most obvious addition will be the 50-foot tree at Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza! Our parks and rec staff has also added an evening of horse-drawn carriage rides at the plaza on Saturday, Dec. 11, and there will be carolers, food trucks and vendors with giveaways at Founders Park throughout late November and December. This event is an amazing spectacle for a town the size of Farragut, and I hope everyone appreciates the hard work involved. 

Speaking of Light the Park, I want the community to remember how valuable visitors are to Farragut. In the coming months we will have crowded stores and busy restaurants heading into the holiday season.

These are signs of something positive — a healthy boost to Town revenues through sales tax. As an alderman and member of the Parks & Athletics Council, I know how important greenways, parks and athletic facilities are to residents. These are the things that set us apart from other small towns. As we continue to build upon these wonderful amenities, sales tax is the driver for being able to expand in these areas. 

So it’s important to welcome seasonal visitors with open arms. The best way to do that is simple — be friendly! Smile at those you pass at Founders Park. Be kind and patient as you wait in a line or for a table.

Visitors will judge our community based on interactions they have with individuals, so be someone who makes them want to stay for dinner or come back next weekend to shop! If you deal with the public at your place of business, you are uniquely positioned to be an “ambassador” for Farragut.

Smile and be ready to recommend Farragut stores or restaurants, if asked. Money that’s spent here stays here, so we want to be a place that visitors want to come back to. 

The past two years have been hard for everybody. Some days, it’s easier to focus on the negative instead of the positive.

But if we decide ahead of time to appreciate our wonderful Town and the opportunities we have to come together to celebrate during the holiday season, everyone will be able to see what Farragut truly is – a beautiful, close-knit, connected community where families and businesses thrive.