Repaving McFee Road at this time unwise

What in the world has possessed the Town of Farragut to repave McFee Road at this time?

No. 1) The Road did not appear to even need repaving. I ride my bicycle on that road occasionally and (drive) my car on it several times a week and I never saw any potholes or even cracked pavement. Overall, the surface was pretty smooth compared to a lot of other roads within the Town. Surely there are numerous other Town roads in more dire need of repaving — Concord Road between Kingston Pike and South Campbell Station for sure.

No. 2) Even if I somehow missed the dire shape the road was in, right now is definitely not the time to repave unless there were conditions posing eminent safety hazards! I say this because of three things:

a) Virtue Road is currently closed and will remain so for many more months. That leaves only two ways for the thousands of cars daily coming under the Boyd Station underpass to reach Kingston Pike: via Boyd Station, Turkey Creek, South Campbell Station OR — you guessed it, McFee!

b) With all the heavy equipment currently being utilized (and likely to continue for months) to develop the tracts of property east and west of McFee, why put in a freshly repaved road surface to be immediately abused by all this super-heavy equipment being moved onto and off those sites? Why not at least wait until those new roads are in and the site grading is complete?

c) As noted in a), whenever McFee is closed to do this paving work (thank goodness they are leaving it open evenings and weekends) traffic on Turkey Creek trying to turn onto Concord Road is greatly increased. Had they at least waited until work on Concord Road is completed (supposed to happen by Nov. 30), the four lanes each way on Concord Road should then provide for setting longer green lights for backed up Turkey Creek cars to exit without unduly backing up Concord.

The timing and logistics of this repaving job are definitely not one that I feel the Town of Farragut should be proud of, and totally confounds me!

~ Larry W. Boyd, Concord