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  • Brittany Lares, left, a team member at everbowl, serves a sample of an everbowl base to customer Jennifer Ellis at the new quick-serve restaurant, 10909 Parkside Drive in the Earth Fare shopping center in Turkey Creek. - Tammy Cheek

  • Marcedes Schindler, left, everbowl director of operations, and everbowl team member Brittany Lares welcomed customers to the new store, 10909 Parkside Drive in Earth Fare Shopping Center of Turkey Creek. - Tammy Cheek

• Regarding the article “Citizen’s input time for Boring Road corridor” last week, it is good to see the Town doing public outreach regarding land use changes before making decisions.

What is a shame is that this is a year too late. For months last year, hundreds of citizens called for this same type of discussion regarding the entire Mixed Use Town Center before changes were made for the Biddle Farm apartment project. Why were residents of Concord Hills and other surrounding neighborhoods not afforded the same opportunity to discuss the area next to their neighborhoods as Baldwin Park, Waverly Court and others are now?

As well, while we are now focusing on the Boring Road corridor, the Town has failed to address the remaining MUTC area even though the Board of Mayor and Alderman have admitted the current type of development for the remaining vacant MUTC land is no longer viable. Perhaps the Town is expediting the Boring Road corridor to change it to Low Density Residential before Horne Properties request to rezone it for Medium Density Residential development as discussed at the last workshop. It appears that local landowners and developers continue to be treated differently by the Town of Farragut.

• Concerning First Baptist (Concord) and the installation of (ballfield) lights and sound system, Vice Mayor (Louise) Povlin found the minutes of a 2008 meeting where the neighborhoods of Belleaire, Derby Run and Shiloh had a verbal contract with First Baptist (Concord) and the Town of Farragut to not install lights or sound systems on these fields. I think it would be helpful if the farragutpress would publish that document, so people can see that this was part of the concept plan. And what the church is doing is going back on their verbal contract. The Town should not allow this, as it is bound by the contract also.

• I’d like to give a shoutout to (U.S.) Sen. Marsha Blackburn for using every media outlet possible for drawing attention to the atrocities of the Biden Administration. However, I would really like to see more action being done to put a stop to this puppet administration.

If the Senator’s hands are tied and she is trying to get the people who love this country to stand up and do something, I really wish that she would use some of her air and social media time to give us suggestions on what we can do. ... I think everyone is ready to do whatever it takes to get our country back.