Town of Farragut’s Freaky Friday Fright Nite

  • From left, Heather Hall with children, Haley, 10; Luke (red), 5; and Ryker, 3 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Lauren Cox - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Bill Parker - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Neil Desai, 5 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Elena Alles - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Chloe Garfield with Izzy, 5, Lily, 8, Gavin, 9 and Jayden Garden - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Brittany Wilson with Everly, 1, in stroller; Kyler, 7, Rosie, 5, and dad, Andy Wilson - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Stevens, Galardi and Roberts children - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Kaia Ledford, 5 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Elizabeth Maranan, 5, and brother, Emmanuel, 9 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Shelby Breitweifer, 4 with sister, Macy, 7 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Sophia Volpe, 10, with dad, John - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Joe Ludick, 3, and dad, Walter Ludick - Photos by Tammy Cheek

Hundreds of families huddled along the path at Mayor Bob Leonard Park, despite the rain, to trick or treat with vendors during Town of Farragut’s Freaky Friday Fright Nite Oct. 29.

“It’s nice to be back (in the park),” Alex Huning of Farragut said.

“We come every year, so we’re excited it’s back,” Lindsey Branam of Lenoir City added.

While enjoying going from booth to booth, attendees also benefited Ronald McDonald House with needed items.

All the while, super heroes, puppies, Clifford the Big Red Dog, witches, princesses, Harry Potter, military personnel and many other characters checked out the candy and other treats available.

Last year, the event was held as Freaky Friday Drive-Thru Boo along Jamestowne Boulevard as a result of the pandemic. That event recently garnered a Four Star Award for Farragut Parks & Recreation at Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association’s 70th Annual Conference in Clarksville.

“It was the 24th Annual Freaky Friday, so the event was not brand new, but the way we did it was brand new,” Farragut Special Event & Program coordinator Brittany Spencer said.