Solution coming for N. Campbell Station traffic woes?

Farragut’s Engineering Department has designed a roadway improvement along Campbell Station Road that should alleviate congestion at the Interstate 40/75 approach when completed.

Assistant Town engineer Brannon Tupper shared the plan with Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen during its Thursday, Nov. 11, regular meeting.

Tupper noted one of the Town’s priority initiatives is “reconstruction of the I-40/Campbell Station Road interchange.

“While the development of the full interchange rebuild project is in the initial phases, the Engineering Department is exploring cost-effective alternatives, which can be readily implemented,” he added.

“The concept presented today is for minor roadway modifications to Campbell Station Road south of the underpass.”

Currently, the underpass has an opposing left turn lane under the bridge, where traffic tends to back up when drivers are queuing to turn left onto the west-bound on-ramp. The new plans call for “a dedicated northbound through lane, and separation of the competing left turns to help mitigate congestion issues,” according to the report.

BOMA approved a professional services agreement contract with Cannon & Canon Inc. at a cost of $22,000 to conduct the survey, field observations, design services and signal phasing optimization. Tupper said bids for the redesign should go out in the spring, with a tentative completion time frame summer of 2022.