Eyelashes for days

Cate offers extensions to clients’ features

Ashton Cate, licensed aesthetician and owner of Eyelashes by Ashton, opened Nov. 1 at 11324 Parkside Drive, Studio 10 of Sola Salon Suites, to provide any type of eyelash extensions: classic, 3D hybrid, 3D volume 5D volume.

“These are totally safe,” she said. “Basically what we’re doing is attaching each extension to one single eyelash, so every natural eyelash is going to have one extension on it, and that’s going to be applied a millimeter away from the natural lash line or half a millimeter away from the natural lash line.

“Essentially what we’re doing is letting those (extensions) fall out with your natural shedding cycle,” Cate added.

Once they are shed, a new natural lash will grow in its place.

“We just offer refills for that,” she said. “When you come back, in two to three weeks, I’ll just pop another extension on those individual hairs.

“It’s a process that goes around and around.”

To attach the extensions, Cate uses an adhesive called cyanoacrylate, which, she said, is standard for eyelash extensions.

While Cate noted allergies can happen, only 7 percent of the population shows symptoms.

“It’s rare, but we do see it from time to time,” she added.

Prices for a full set range from $170 to $210 while a refill runs between $85 and $105 “depending on how full you like your lashes,” she said.

Cate, a Colorado native now living in Maryville, has been doing eyelash extensions since 2018. She attended the School of Medical and Botanical Aesthetics in Denver before getting her certification separately. She also has trained other aestheticians and lash extensions technicians since 2019.

“Lash extensions give me a lot of confidence, and that’s a blessing I want to pass on to other people,” she said.

“I’m also really passionate about using safe practices that don’t hurt the integrity of the natural eyelashes,” Cate added. “That way, I can ensure that my clients can get extensions indefinitely.”

Cate’s salon is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Appointments can be booked online at eyelashesbyashton.com.

For more information, Cate can be contacted by calling 865-343-0809 or by e-mailing ashton@eyelashesbyashton.com