Asian Culture alive at FHS

Club members dance, sing during evening peformance

Farragut High School’s Asian Culture Club members showed fellow students and faculty their culture through their talents when they hosted their first Concert Night at FHS after school Friday, Nov. 12.

All the performers were from the club.

“We had 15 dancers, two singers and five orchestra ensemble performers,” ACC president Ivy Zhang said, “We also had three emcees, who are all from our school.”

The performers danced to “Fever” by Enhyphen and “Beautiful Days” by Lovelyz, sang “Unbreakable Love” and performed orchestra ensemble pieces “Kabuki Dance” and “Dragon Dance.”

“This Friday’s Concert Night was the first time we tried this activity,” Zhang said. “We generated this new event with a purpose to bring more joy and diversity to our school and even our community.

“All performers have a passion for Asian dances or songs, and we welcomed every family, friend or staff of Farragut High School to come watch and have fun with us,” she added. To add to the enjoyment, they provided free popcorns and sodas.

“All in all, the whole purpose of this activity is to bring joy.”

Zhang explained the Asian Culture Club “aims to promote the significance of cultures and provide a community for any students interested in Asian culture.

“We offer many amazing activities, such as Kpop dances, language tutoring, cooking Asian food, drawing and calligraphy and teaching cultures and traditions of Asian countries,” Zhang said.

The club, which currently has about 70 members, meets every third Friday of each month. English-language arts teacher Dr. Cedelle Niles and orchestra teacher John Gardner sponsor the organization.

“Both of them are very interested in Asian cultures, and they are awesome,” the president said.

For Zhang, the club “is particularly important to me because I have a deep passion for Asian cultures.

“Asian Culture Club is always the best place that makes me happy, and it always relieves my stress,” she added. “It allows me to take a break from academic life and have fun with everyone who shares the same interests as me.

“I made many, many friends in this club, and I even became more outgoing. The club was founded in 2019 “by a passionate junior student who graduated this year.”

Looking back, “I joined this club right after it was founded, and I grew up with it,” Zhang said. “This year is my third year of participating in ACC, having the honor to serve as the president for Asian Culture Club this year,

“I have always tried my best to bring fun to all members as I love this amazing club.”