Phase 4 of McFee Park set

Thanks to an initial payout of American Rescue Plan Act funds, Town officials are moving forward on Phase 4 of McFee Park, which will provide 160 additional parking spaces.

Of the $3.5 million funds already disbursed to Farragut, $1.5 million is earmarked to construct the additional parking using permeable pavers along the park’s loop road.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a proposal from Russ/Fowler Thursday, Nov. 11, that outlines the scope of services in preparation of final construction plans for Phase 4 along with contract management services required for completion of the project at a cost of $153,950.

Officials already had been eyeing permeable interlocking pavers to be used in the parking construction at McFee, which would “allow for stormwater run off to pass through the paving system to infiltrate into the soil,” according to a BOMA report from Town engineer Darryl Smith. “This infiltration not only reduces the volume of detention required at the site but also provides filtration of pollutants before runoff enters surface or groundwater.

“The result has proven to be an efficient management of our surface runoff, while providing attractive parking facilities for our park visitors,” the report continued. “As this project provides significant improvement to the quality of our stormwater runoff, it qualifies for funding under ARPA.”

McFee Park Phase 3 is nearing completion, adding a Great Lawn, tennis courts, a basketball court, restroom pavilion, pedestrian facilities and an access road. Officials estimated it should be completed by early spring.