• At 1:25 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 2, Knox County Sheriff’s Office units arrived at Pilot, N. Campbell Station Road, on report of an assault. Suspect matched the complainant’s description.

When asked to identify herself, suspect refused to give her last name, and when a deputy attempted to restrain suspect she pulled away. But suspect then gave her full name and said she was involved in a physical altercation with the victim, a manager, but added the victim pushed her first and she pushed back in retaliation.

Officers also spoke with victim, who said suspect was causing a disturbance in the store and was asked to leave. Victim followed suspect out of the store to make sure she left and instructed an employee to call 911. During the phone call, suspect went back into the store according to the victim, and went behind the counter to get a pack of cigarettes. Victim also said suspect hit the victim in the face when both of them rounded a corner at the counter.

Victim said she pushed off suspect, who went outside until officers arrived. There is video evidence from the store’s security cameras that was consistent with victim’s statements based on what the officers observed. Officers also spoke with a witness, who gave consistent statements with victim’s allegations.

While witness was in her vehicle she said she saw the suspect “pop the manager in the mouth.”

Suspect was taken into custody and transported to KCSO detention facility.