Believing in things unseen during the holiday season

Believing in things unseen — Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.

• In the popular New York Sun editorial of 1897 (see column above on this page), 8-year-old Virginia had doubts about Santa Claus being real.

The editorial response by Francis P. Church inspired many children, perhaps Virginia among them, that Santa Claus was real because of all the happiness he brought.

• With all the hardships and tragedies humankind has faced for centuries, even devout Christians sometimes doubt their own faith.

But the Biblical Gospels repel such doubts — not only telling of Jesus’ miracles and compassion, but His “guidebook” to Godly living: The Sermon on the Mount.

• Of course, we all see Santa as he makes the rounds during the holiday season leading up to Christmas Eve.

• Jesus’ ministry lasted about three years, for all to see whether a follower or Pharisee, leading up to Salvation on the Cross at Calvary.

• OK, you don’t usually see Santa coming down the chimney, or through the front door, when delivering his gifts early Christmas morning.

But the Spirit of Santa works in parents, who along with elves and the reindeer serve as Santa’s helpers in making sure toys are under the Christmas tree.

• Modern-day Christians don’t physically see Jesus, but He sent “the Helper” — the Holy Spirit — to guide our lives in a manner pleasing to God.

• Santa has always existed as Jolly Ole St. Nick — there’s never been a child Santa or teenage Santa.

And while most Christians celebrate Christmas in, frankly speaking, dual modes — the virgin birth of Jesus, which of course should take priority, along with Santa and his presents (not to mentions a time for families to gather around the fireplace with egg nog in hand) — remember one thing:

• Jesus has always existed — one in the same with God.

We celebrate his “physical life,” God in the flesh, taking human form to best minister to those of us made in God’s image.

His offer to save humankind from its sins and enjoy eternal life began with a wonderful story (see page 1 of this section).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the staff at farragutpress