100 and 101 Day Celebrations at FPS

  • “Old men” from both Mandy Kincaid and Christy Raines’s kindergarten classes are, in no particular order, Xavier Johnson, JoJo Jessee, Grayson Hollifield, Braxton Shope and Gavin Barczak

  • Mandy Kincaid’s kindergarten class, from left: Owen Harryman, left, and Ethan Lambert

  • Aylah Harris, left, and Tipton Montjoy

  • From left, Charlie Brimer, Tina Liu, Maverick Cox and Beckham Lear from Christy Raines’ kindergarten class

  • Penelope Larusso, Charlie Clement and Cullen Mack

  • Kindergarten teacher Mandy Kincaid, second from left, with her students Mackenzie Stevens and Mae Miller, and Christy Raines’ student, Izzy Barczak

  • Heather McAmis’ first-grade class, from left: Arav Kora, Brooklyn Turner, Taylor Smith and Addison Aczel

  • From left, Lucas Xiao, Luke Chi and Wesley Peak from Heather McAmis’ first-grade class

  • Wesley Peak, Maddox Luman and Orion Clarma

  • Sophie Kastura, left, and Amelia Smith from Heather McAmis’ class

  • Kim Lara’s first-grade class, from left: Greyson Shaffer, Avery Stinton, Emry Jane Christianson and Casen Bales

  • Aubree Nelson, Vera Schmardebec, Harrison Russell and Steven Ly

  • Eva Kim, left, and Hadley Beeler from Kim Lara’s first-grade class

  • Melinda Webster’s class, from left: Cooper Brown, Cash Gleason and Journey Bumgarner

  • Charlie Gebhart, left, and Brody Crumley

  • Levi Genua and Sophia Limonchi from Melinda Webster’s class

  • Lydia Cox from Sabrena Crawford’s class

  • Jack Killefer and Julia Horne from Sabrena Crawford’s class

  • Chloe Cavalaris and Rhys Dobson

  • Skye Carpenter from Sabrena Crawford’s second-grade class

Farragut Primary School’s second-grade classes celebrated a school-year milestone Wednesday, Jan 26, as it celebrated 101 Days of School.

Meanwhile, FPS kindergartners and first-graders celebrated 100 Days of School Tuesday, Jan. 26.

“It’s just a day of celebration to say we’ve made 101 days, learning so much information and friends that they’ve made,” second-grade teacher

Sabrena Crawford said. “We got together and did all kinds of fun activities that celebrate some of the skills that we’ve learned.”

All FPS second-graders had an opportunity to dress like a character from the novel and movie, “101 Dalmations.”

“Some dressed like a puppy, some dressed like Cruella de Vil,” she said. “We even have a couple dogknappers in the hallway today.”

At the same time, students took part in STEM activities and “the final part is we get to watch ‘101 Dalmations,’ the original movie,” Crawford said.

Students did exercises that culminated in 101, attempted to stack 100 cups and made pup parachutes.

“Every one of the students (about 340) participated,” she said, noting FPS kindergarten and first-graders also celebrated 100 Days of School Jan. 25.

“They did different activities,” Crawford said. “A lot of them dressed like 100-year-olds … dressed in outfits that had 100 items, like 100 dots. I saw a kid that had 100 Band-Aids on his shirt.”

Mandy Kincaid and Christy Raines class photos by Michelle Holllenhead | Sabrena Crawford and Melinda Webster class photos by Tammy Cheek | Kim Lara and Heather McAmis class photos submitted