Parent corrects CCS swimming history

Letter to the Editor

We are writing in response to the article about Concord Christian School’s swim team that was printed in the Thursday, Jan. 27, farragutpress. The farragutpress and CCS should publish the correct facts.

In 2015 our daughter, Anna Wysmierski, was the first student to represent CCS at high school swimming events. She represented CCS at the Knox-Area Interscholastic Swim League (KISL) Championship Meet in 2015, 2016 and 2017. After having her application to form a CCS state swim team signed by Concord’s athletic director and meeting the qualifying times, she represented CCS at both the 2016 and 2017 Tennessee (TISCA) state swim meets.

She is Concord Christian School’s first swimmer and first to represent CCS at a state swim meet. These facts are verifiable on the KISL and TISCA websites. We also located an old CCS newsletter we saved for our daughter congratulating her when she was the first swimmer to represent the school at a state meet. To quote from the Feb. 1, 2016 newsletter, “Congratulations to our first Swimming Lion, Anna Wysmierski! Anna qualified in the 100-(yard) freestyle and will be representing CCS in the State Meet in Nashville on February 13 - Great job Anna.”

In 2017, our daughter was given a varsity letter for her swimming accomplishments as a CCS swimmer. As administrators, teachers and staff at Concord Christian School have changed, the history and legacy left by a proud CCS athlete in the past has been forgotten. Knowing the amount of work that went into, and the pride our daughter had in her high school swimming accomplishments, we would like to set the record straight.

We also want to sincerely congratulate all the local high school swimmers who advanced to the state meet this year. Well done!

Eddie and Jeanette Wysmierski,