CCS responds to definition of 1st swim team member

Letter to the Editor

After thoughtful deliberation and discussion, CCS School leadership and the Athletic Department issue the following statement: “CCS recognizes Annika Fletcher as the first female swimmer to qualify for state since the inception of our formal swim program in 2017.”

We appreciate that Mrs. (Jeanette) Wysmierski doesn’t agree with that assertion (letter above), and it certainly isn’t our desire to be insensitive to her daughter’s impressive athletic accomplishments.

Indeed, we certainly wish Anna all the best in her future endeavors.

Lorna Keeton,

Director of Marketing and Development,

Concord Christian School

Editor’s Note: In this letter, the term “since the inception of our formal swim program in 2017” was added to clarify the CCS press release that ran in our Jan. 27 Sports section.