Redlight control system to help lessen Farragut traffic jams: Smith

As Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen examined its 2022 goals during a Friday, Feb. 4 Board retreat, the Town’s traffic-light update topped its list.

“I don’t know if people are aware we did get a (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program) grant to update red lights,” Mayor Ron Williams said. “It’s in its infancy right now. It’s an initiative for 2022.”

While the update would allow Town officials to control traffic-light cameras for much better vehicular flow in case of accidents and other stalled traffic situations, “We have been given the notice to proceed with construction,” Town engineer Darryl Smith said. “We’re thinking about putting it out for bids in March and before the Board meets in June.

“We’re managing the construction with a consultant,” he added. “The project includes controllers and a control point at Town Hall.

“The next step is an adaptive system where our detection will be good enough that the system would detect a problem and adjust on the fly. It really wouldn’t require input from Town. This is probably a good step in that direction.”

So, “when things develop — an issue on Interstate — we will be made aware of it and we can make adjustments,” Smith said. “We’ll be able to get e-mails (if there is a problem). It would be easier to monitor and make adjustments to the lights.

“It’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than what we have. It does add more control.”

Looking back, “We are replacing 20-year-old equipment,” Smith said. “We will have radar detection in all intersections.”

With the loops in the current equipment, traffic and heat can affect them, Smith noted.

Another Town goal is to cooperate with Tennessee Department of Transportation in the repaving of Kingston Pike and replacing curve ramps.

“Resurfacing Kingston Pike will probably be in summer time. ... Kingston Pike will be resurfaced from Loudon County through to Lovell Road,” Smith said. “The goal is a workable area along Kingston Pike and West End (Center) by moving back the curb ramps … it won’t take a month to complete.

“We will have a contract before you later, after the resurfacing, to make the crosswalks from Campbell Station to West End,” he added. “The cross- walks will be a lot shorter. We want to come up color — Navy blue or silver?”

While Alderman Drew Burnette suggested Navy blue, “the silver would be more visible,” Williams said.

“That would probably be done in the summer,” Smith said.