Thrive Physical Therapy brings practice to Town

Having a mission to help its patients thrive carried over into the practice’s new name, as Thrive Physical Therapy was the result of rebranding after Summit Physical Therapy of Chattanooga chose to branch out into Knox County. Its new Farragut office sits at 153 Brooklawn St., Suite 153.

“That’s really what we want our patients to strive for,” said Dr. Joseph Smith, Thrive DPT and director of quality assurance and clinical education. “We really want them to thrive in whatever they want to do, whether that’s playing with their grandkids, whether it’s getting back into sports or just functioning or walking with family or friends.

“We try to get to the root cause of the problem,” he added. “So, whether you have plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) or if you have back pain, it’s not good enough for us to say, ‘that’s what’s going on with you.’ We want to dig deeper and say, ‘That’s what’s going on, but this is why and how you stop it’ because if we just treat the symptoms, we’re just sort of slipping a Band-Aid on it time and time again, which is why a lot times care doesn’t work for patients.

We will dig deeper and get to the root and fix that (so) you won’t have that problem again.”

“I think it’s a great way to go about it,” Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce president/CEO Julie Blaylock said during a FWKCC-sponsored ribbon cutting for Thrive Tuesday, Feb. 8. “We’re just so pleased to have you.”

“We’re super-excited to be here,” Smith said. “We’ve been here since Aug. 3. We’ve been really embraced by the Town of Farragut and by the community.”

Owned by Dan Dotson and Kevin Kostka, both physical therapists, Summit Physical Therapy has seven locations in Chattanooga.

“We treat everything from head to toe,” Smith said. “Everything from the things people think about — typically neck pain, back pain, hip pain, foot pain –— to the more obscure pains such as headaches, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, hip bursitis or plantar fasciitis.

“I think the biggest thing about us is that we are going to try to answer why things happen, not just the what,” the practice owner added.

“If we can answer why this (ailment) has occurred and treat the why, then we have a much better chance of rehabbing the person as a whole versus treating people like body parts.”

Appointments can be made by calling 865-392-1033 or visiting online at