A ‘Victory’, for cyber security locally

Farragut resident Victor Dennis, owner of Victory Technologies Solutions, LLC., aims to help local businesses be more cyber secure.

After starting the business last year, his company’s growth has led to its recently going from a sole proprietorship to a  limited liability company.

“Basically, my business is (information technology) services and cybersecurity services,” he said. “I serve all of Knox County, Maryville, Roane County.”

Along with providing regular IT services, such as issues with printers, Windows and Macs, Dennis said, “I can do remote and on-site support.

“But above that, what we have an emphasis on is cyber security,” he said. “We protect businesses from all the different attack chains – the different ways cyber criminals can get into your organization, infiltrate your company data like deploying ransomware and phishing attacks, etc.

“We do a lot of work to prevent those things,” Dennis added.

“We actually have 57 different safeguards we put in place for businesses to help prevent the various types of attack chains, such on-site or remote network attacks.

“We have a questionnaire we ask our potential clients to fill out for us, and based on their answers, they get a cyber security score, ranging from zero to 100 percent,” Dennis said. “We go through that with them. We discuss their vulnerabilities … and we also do a technical vulnerability scan of their network – and all the devices on their network – to discover any, what’s called, unpatched vulnerabilities.

Both the assessment are free of charge.

We equip local businesses with the information they need to address any gaps in their cyber security,” Dennis said. “We are really trying to do it in a very generous way … so if they want to use us, great. If they don’t, that’s fine, too. They can take the results back to their current IT provider.

“The end result is we want to make Knoxville’s businesses more secure, and with things ratcheting up with the whole Ukraine-Russian thing and going against U.S. private companies, now is as an important time as ever to make sure that we’ve gotten those security gaps covered to protect our businesses.”

Dennis said 70 percent of his business is cyber security, and 30 percent is IT and “making sure the users have a good experience, their computers stay up and running and productive.

“We make sure systems and networks work to the best of their ability,” he added. “We monitor all aspects of their networks and their devices to make sure that is the case.”

Always a “techy” person, Dennis worked in the technology department of Clayton Homes in Maryville in 2017 until 2020, when he was hired at an IT services business for a year before he ventured out to start his own business.

In addition to businesses, he also serves churches, medical clinics, non-profit organizations and the title industry.

For more information or an assessment, call 865-888-9942, via e-mail, support@victorytechonologysolutions.com or visit online at victorytechnologysolutions.com