April 21 deadline for candidate Letters, Presstalks

With Knox County Primary elections just around the corner, and as early voting begins Wednesday, April 13, before Primary election day Tuesday, May 3, farragutpress welcomes non-hostile opinions, either in Letters to the Editor — or in a more generic form, without using anyone’s name, in Presstalk — about any and all candidates seeking to retain, or obtain, public office.

Please remember, however, about our two-week cut-off period for such candidate opinions. Our Thursday, April 21, issue would be the last in which to voice such opinions on these pages.

However, if a given Letter to the Editor takes to task a given candidate in our April 21 issue, the candidate attacked — and he or she only — would be allowed to answer that attack in our April 28 issue. But the only allowed response would be to answer the attack specifically — nothing else.

We welcome you feelings and thoughts, as expressed on these pages, in the coming weeks.

And everyone is encouraged to express themselves with their vote.