KCSO police reports

• At 8:29 p.m., Friday, April 8, a complainant called Knox County Sheriff’s Office Teleserve Unit to report a theft at a Campbell Lakes Drive address. She advised between 5 and 8:15 p.m., an unknown suspect had taken her license plate. She stated the vehicle had been in the parking lot all day, and when she came back from dinner with her parents, she discovered the license plate was no longer attached to the vehicle.

• A Knox County Sheriff’s Officer responded 2:12 a.m., Saturday, April 9, to an Outlet Drive address in reference to an assault. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the victim/suspect who made the following summarized statements: He ordered a shot from the bar area, did not like the way the shot tasted and he wanted his money refunded. The victim/suspect stated he was speaking to a bartender about getting a refund when a white male approached him and pushed him against the bar and punched him in the stomach. The victim/suspect stated he was then escorted out of the bar and contacted dispatch. His wife confirmed his story. The officer spoke with the bartender, and she made the following summarized statements: The victim/suspect ordered a shot from the bar. Approximately five minutes later, he came back to the bar and stated the shot had too much cranberry. The victim/suspect stated he wanted a refund but the bartender told him he could not get a refund because he had already tasted the drink. The victim/suspect became irate and began cussing, stating he was getting his “ (expletive) refund” and stepped closer to the bartender. She stated another employee stepped in between her and the victim/suspect and then a confrontation occurred. The officer spoke with the suspect/witness over the telephone, and he made the following summarized statements: The employee/suspect/witness confirmed the bartender’s story about the shot. He stated that the suspect/victim was acting aggressively toward the bartender and screaming in her face about a refund.

The suspect/witness stated he stepped in between the bartender and victim/suspect and the victim/suspect made a explicit comment to the suspect/witness and then hit the suspect/witness with the brim of his cowboy hat.

The suspect/witness stated he then pushed the victim/suspect and called for another bouncer to remove him from the building.