letter to the editor

BOMA procedural information

To the Editor:

I  have been asked to provide some procedural information about how the Farragut Board of Mayor & Alderman meetings are conducted. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month.  Typically, we meet only once during the months of November and December and that is the second Thursday of those months.

Our Staff develops a meeting agenda based on current business items that need to be considered and any ordinances the Board needs to discuss and vote on.  All ordinances and text amendments to ordinances are required by state law to be voted on with two separate readings, each reading occurring in a separate meeting.

Agendas are posted in the newspaper, online and on the meeting board in advance of each meeting date as required by State Law.

The Mayor will maintain and control the meeting to provide a professional and objective environment. In the Mayor’s absence, the Vice Mayor will maintain and control the meeting. Each agenda item will be read into the record by the Mayor. The TOF staff responsible for the agenda item will give a brief explanation of the agenda item, state the specific motion for approval and remain available to address any questions the Board members may have.

Any Farragut resident interested in commenting on a specific agenda item should read the Comment Protocol. If they agree to abide by the Comment Protocol, they should fill out a blue comment card and deliver it to the Town Recorder prior to the start of the meeting with the agenda number they wish to comment on. All citizen comments will be specific to that agenda topic. Any other comment not pertaining to that agenda item can be saved for Citizens Forum at the end of the meeting.

After Citizen Comments on the agenda item have been heard, each Board member will have an opportunity to ask the department head and/or the applicant questions concerning that specific agenda item. Once there has been sufficient discussion, the Mayor will call for a Roll Call vote on all Ordinances or a verbal vote on Business Items.

At the end of that nights Business Meeting there will be time reserved for public comment on general matters of concern. Citizen forum is an opportunity for the residents of Farragut to make statements on matters of public interest. The Comment Protocol rules apply to Citizen Forum, as well.

Thank You,

Mayor Ron Williams