Into Olympic mode, Sherrill Hills Retirement Resort awards residents

Sherrill Hills Retirement Resort residents took part in their own version of the Senior Olympics with lower-key games that culminated in an ice cream social at the community, 271 Moss Grove Blvd. in Knoxville, Thursday, April 21.

“This was so fun — the camaraderie, the competition, the smiles, the craziness,” said new resident Sadie Stroud, who won several medals. “It was a wonderful day.”

Senior Olympic winners included: volleyball teammates Ron Habel, Bob Mock and Dr. Bill Adkins; Chuck Hamre in ring toss tournament; and Bill McCroskey, Stroud and Ron Habel in mini golf.

In the javelin toss, Bob Doedon won first place, Stroud second place and Hamre third place.

In the Ladder Ball, the first-place winner was Hamre; second place, Sally Bevard; and third place, Stroud.

Marathon sprint winners were: Ada McCroskey first, Shirley McGuire second and Charlotte Fleming third place.

“We had a full day of events here for the residents,” said Bridgett Sharp, SHRR lifestyle director. “We’ve had an event for them every hour.

“We started off this morning at 9 a.m. with our volleyball tournament,” she added. “All of our contestants won medals. We had a really good time today and a lot of participation.

“In each event, I had at least 10 to 15 people.”