KCSO reports

• At 7:24 p.m., Sunday, May 1, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit responded to 11416 Kingston Pike (business plaza) for a naked male who was recorded on camera. When officer arrived, the male was “in the breezeway of the business fully nude stretching in front of one of the businesses with his hand near his g-------s,” a KCSO report stated. Eventual arrestee then saw officer “and quickly ran out the back of the breezeway toward his vehicle, where he was detained. The (eventual) arrestee stated that it was a nice day out and he did not have a reason for being naked.”

Officer reported contacting the complainant, who was watching the arrestee on camera. Complainant said the arrestee “was walking back and forth in the breezeway from business to business looking at a reflection of himself in the glass and (expletive) off.”

Businesses inside the breezeway were all closed. “However, the breezeway is visible from Kingston Pike,” the report stated. “The business plaza next door did have open businesses, and these plazas share the same parking lot, so there was active traffic inside the parking lot. Through the back of the breezeway is Farragut Town Hall and a greenway commonly used by families to exercise.

“There were multiple people near Town Hall exercising at the time of the incident,” the report further stated. “There were also citizens using the bank ATM at the ORNL on Municipal Center Drive, which is visible from the breezeway the (eventual) arrestee was located.” Arrestee was taken into custody and transported to Roger D Wilson Detention Facility.

• At 5:20 p.m., Saturday, April 30, an officer was dispatched to 13061 Kingston Pike (Casey’s) for an intoxicated male. When officers arrived, eventual arrestee collected his things and began to walk away from the business.

Complainant, a Casey’s employee, “pointed the arrestee out to officers and stated he stole two beers from the business,” the report stated. Eventual arrestee “did comply with officers’ commands to stop, and he pulled one of the 24-ounce Redd’s Wicked Apple cans from his waistband.”

Arrestee “had red, watery eyes, was unsteady on his feet and had an odor of alcohol on his breath,” the report stated. “The complainant stated he stole two 24-ounce cans and drank one behind Casey’s store. The complainant stated she asked the arrestee to leave multiple times before calling 911, but he did not attempt to leave until officers arrived on the scene.”

Arrestee was transported to Roger D Wilson Detention Facility.

One un-opened 24-ounce can of Redd’s Wicked Apple was returned to the business.