Stretch Fusion opens locale in Farragut

Stretch Fusion Farragut, LLC., has opened to help people stretch into shape.

Chad Becker, co-owner and fascial stretch practitioner, opened Stretch Fusion Wednesday, April 20, at 11533 Kingston Pike in Village Green shopping center.

“I’m very excited,” he said.

“We offer fascial stretch therapy,” Becker added. “Instead of focusing on just a muscle, we focus on a whole fascial net, which is a group of muscles.

“For example, if you have neck problems, it could be tied to shoulders, lats, pecs. If you’ve got back problems, it could be tied to your hip, so we work on the whole muscle structure versus just one particular muscle.”

Becker explained the practitioners do the stretch for the client.“They are lying on a table, so it takes the pressure off the joints,” he said. “We open up the joint capsules by traction because when we stand and stretch, we’re putting pressure on our joints. By lying down, it helps the stretch be a better stretch.

“It’s a real light, easy stretch,” he added. “I’ve had some people fall asleep on me.

It’s especially beneficial “for someone with hip, back, shoulder, neck pain,” Becker said. “I’ve dealt with a lot of people with some very chronic issues.

“One person’s had 20 years of neck pain,” he added. “Another person had about 15 years of back pain and said the pain has gone away.

“I actually had a client who walked upstairs the other day for the first time in a long time and started crying at the top of the steps.”

As for other examples, “I had one lady who had scheduled knee surgery and was taking Ibuprofen four times a week, wound up canceling her surgery and is no longer on medication,” Becker said. “It’s not a fix-all for everybody, but it does help most people with a lot of stuff going on, especially people who’ve got a lot of work at their desk, it helps that (hunched over) front net — folded in, if they’re having shoulder, neck and back pain.”

Becker first learned about fascial stretch therapy from a friend. “I had pretty major shoulder surgery a couple years ago,” he said. “I had physical therapy, but I still didn’t have full range of motion in my shoulder.

“My buddy, Shane Cox, who owns our Bearden location and started Stretch Fusion, kept telling me I should come in and get stretched,” Becker added. “I was skeptical, to be honest (but) I finally gave in.

“After a few sessions, I got full range of motion back on my shoulder. As a side benefit, actually, my back pain I’ve had for 20-something years has been alleviated.”

Recalling his background, “where I worked before I was in safety, wellness and ergonomics — I enjoy helping people,” Becker said. “I said, ‘I’d really love to get into this and help people.’”

He then received training and was certified as an FSP. He started working at the Bearden location during after-hours. “It’s grown so much there (in Bearden) that we’ve exceeded our capacity … so we decided to branch out this way,” he said. “(Cox) asked me if I would be the co-owner, operator, manager of this facility.”

For more information, visit 865-288-7287 or online at