KCSO reports

• At 9:14 a.m., Monday, May 23, a victim filed a report with Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding an identity theft, which occurred at a Butternut Lane address. According to the victim, she received a letter last week from the Internal Revenue Service regarding a tax return filed under her name and Social Security number. The victim stated they did not give her the date this fraudulent tax return was filed. “She said they told her this return listed her as single and due a refund,” a KCSO report stated. “Her husband always files a joint return and (is) never due a refund.”

• On Sunday, May 22, two officers were dispatched to a Vista Terrace Way Apartment in reference to a domestic disturbance called in by the mother of the victim. She had received a notification that her daughter had called 911.

Officers could not get anyone to answer the door, but the mother arrived and let officers into the apartment. “We found both subjects locked in the bedroom; (suspect) unlocked the door and allowed us in. Victim was lying in bed, covered with a blanket. “I had the opportunity to speak with (victim), and she stated that she had invited (suspect) over two days ago,” a KCSO report stated. “This morning when they woke up, he was demanding sex; she said he told her (to have sex) or he was going to hurt her; the argument continued, at which time she got up from the bed to move away from him.”

Suspect “grabbed her by the bicep and threw her down onto the bed, he then began to strangle her,” the report further stated. “She was able to get free and retrieved pepper spray and sprayed it in (suspect’s) direction to keep him away from her. She said it was then that the police arrived.”

Victim said she had no explanation why neither she nor the suspect answered the door. Suspect was taken into custody and later transported to the detention facility. Victim was provided with the KCSO blue domestic violence card. Her mother was going to make arrangements for her. “(Victim) did not have any visible marks on her head or neck. She did have a small bruise on her bicep, but that appeared old,” the report stated.