7th Annual Southern Tequila and Taco Festival

  • RAM staff, from left, Josh Brown, Alex Phipps, Angie John and Alijah Lawson - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Emily Tweed and Andres Portela for Sombra Mescal - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Grayson Carroll - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Adam and Brittany Truch - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Noelle Burton for Babalu - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Grant Applegate, Van Anderson and Christian Nelson - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Emma Clancy and Brett Barboza - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Jose Esteves and Megan Hiatt - photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Austin Michael, Devin King, Breanna Loy and Raymond and Tamara Strohl - photos by Tammy Cheek

Thousands enjoyed tacos, tequilas and other spirits and live music during the 7th Annual Southern Tequila and Taco Festival, benefiting Remote Area Medical, in the parking lot of JCPenney, 11534 Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek, Friday, April 29.

While Nashville music artist John Stone entertained the crowd, 78 different vendors gave out tacos, tequila, mezcal, Mexican beer and cocktails while others sold merchandise, explained their services or provided games.

While RAM’s chief development officer initiated the festival, RAM was the brainchild of former Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom star Stan Brock.