letter to the editor

Confidence in mayoral leadership told

Several years ago, following a meeting at Farragut’s Town Hall, I struck up a conversation in the parking lot with a gentleman wearing a suit and a bow tie, whom I had never met. Our conversation ranged from muscle cars and dog parks to traffic mitigation solutions for Farragut.

That evening I learned that the man I met, Mayor Ron Williams, is very smart, a good listener and well-rounded on many subjects — and Mayor Williams is, above all, passionate about the Town of Farragut, his home.

Thank you for taking a moment to allow me to share my reasons for supporting my friend and mentor, Mayor Ron Williams, for re-election this August. Ron Williams is a person of the highest degree of integrity and leads by example. When any issue is brought up before him, he will treat it with a “Clean Slate” without any preconceived opinion or bias no matter what the issue may be.

Mayor Williams will review the facts, understand the laws, ordinances and regulations regarding the matter and draw a fair, legal and sound decision on his recommendation or vote on the issue that will meet the high standards that the residents of the Town of Farragut deserve and expect.

I’ve had the good fortune to volunteer on the Planning Commission alongside Mayor Williams, and his leadership by example has provided me with the same thoughtful integrity when making difficult decisions based on the merit and facts surrounding the issues at hand.

When I visit the Town’s parks and use the amenities provided by the Town, I can’t help but think that there is absolutely no other place I would want my family and myself to live. I am grateful for what treasures we have here in Farragut.

I am sure that Mayor Williams shares this same sentiment about Farragut. Mayor Williams is passionate about preserving these vital assets, as well as maintaining and preserving them for many generations to come.

I have no reservations whatsoever that if re-elected on Aug. 4, Mayor Williams will continue to guide our Town of Farragut through a responsible, thoughtful, forward-looking vision, toward being an even better place to live tomorrow than it already is today.

If you see Ron Williams around Town (bow tie or not), thank him for his many years of hard working and volunteer service to our community. I encourage you to support him with your vote for a second term as Mayor of the Town of Farragut.

Scott Russ,

Farragut Municipal Planning Commissioner