letter to the editor

Ex-vice mayor supports Williams

Lou and I have been friends with Mayor Ron Williams and his wife, TC, for 28 years.

Ron and I served on the Sugarwood Homeowners Association Board together, and we knew in the early ’90s that Ron was a born leader.

We will be voting for him again and ask our Farragut residents to vote for Mayor Ron Williams for re-election to a second term.

Ron is a man of integrity and has served us outstandingly well for the last four years. Along with his Town Board and Farragut Town staff there have been many hours of his time spent to make Farragut a better Town in which to live.

His love of Farragut is demonstrated in every decision he makes.

Ron has continued to support the Town Founders’ vision and the importance of maintaining the high standards, which make Farragut a great place to “live, work and play.”

Vote Ron Williams. Early voting starts July 15 through July 30. Election Day is Aug. 4. Absentee deadline is July 28.

Dorothy “Dot” LaMarche, former Farragut Vice Mayor