Jacomen new leader at HVES

Hardin Valley Elementary School students will see a new face welcoming them back Monday, Aug. 8, from summer break.

Lynn Jacomen, previously Inskip Elementary School principal, will move into her new role as principal at HVES in July. She is replacing the school’s current principal, Dr. Sunny Poe Scheafnocker, who will be taking the helm as principal of the new school currently being built in northwest Knox County.

“I am honored to be chosen as principal of HVES,” Jacomen said. “It is a wonderful school with an amazing community and a great place that I already call home. My youngest daughter, Norah, will be next door at (Hardin Valley) Academy as a senior, so that’s an added benefit.”

She found out about her new assignment just prior to school ending in May.

“Of course, I was very excited, but at the same time sad to leave students, staff and my Inskip community,” Jacomen said. “I’ve been principal of Inskip for five years. It is bittersweet, but I feel I am ready for the challenge of a larger school.”

The announcement’s timing “provided me the opportunity to meet the entire staff at HVES for a brief introduction, as well as say goodbye to my Inskip school and community family,” Jacomen said.

This year starts her 29th year as an educator. Before joining Inskip, Jacomen moved back home to Tennessee in 2016 after spending 23 years in Virginia, where she served as an educational assistant, classroom teacher, VA state project coordinator, district RTI coordinator, instructional coach, assistant principal and a principal.

As such, “I have many diverse experiences that benefit me as a principal,” she added.

Concerning her new role at HVES, “Obviously, the size and space concerns will continue to be a challenge since the new school will not open until the following year,” Jacomen said. “However, I have been spending my days this summer meeting one-on-one with staff in a ‘Meet and Greet.’

“This not only allows me to get to know them on a personal level, but most importantly, hear from them on areas they feel I should approach this coming school year,” she said. “My main goal for the first year is building relationships with students, families and staff and supporting staff in their important work.

“The previous and current administration team have done an amazing job and will be working closely alongside me,” Jacomen added.

Reflecting on her years at Inskip Elementary, she said, “We have established many programs for students to lead and be a vital part.

“Students are recognized by staff and celebrated weekly for exhibiting leadership habits and character traits,” Jacomen added. “We were able to add STEM and Theater Arts in the encore rotation and integrate a social and emotional curriculum in all classrooms.

“We have a strong partnership with our feeder middle and high schools. This provides a positive mentoring program for our fifth-graders.

“I have also provided opportunities for my staff to grow in their professional learning and lead through various roles and responsibilities.”