letter to the editor

Numbers show Williams should be re-elected

Performance reviews, we’ve all had them, whether it’s a report card or a sit down with your supervisor. With 28 years in the military and another 10 or so years in the civil sector, I’ve written hundreds of performance reviews and been the recipient of many. The goal is to provide feedback, which can be both positive and negative.

As we are approaching an election of leadership for our wonderful Town of Farragut, I thought this would be a perfect time to do a performance review on our Mayor, Ron Williams.

A quiet, reserved man, he oversees a budget of about $13 million in annual revenue and expenditures of $8.1 million in 2021/2022 fiscal year. He can boast that total assets for the Town are $94.8 million (up by nearly $30 million since he was elected in 2016), with no debt other than a minimal time off obligation for Town staff.

He led the way for the McFee Park expansion; updated Anchor Park to ADA standards, including adding restrooms; and added numerous sidewalks and greenways to make Farragut a more walkable Town. He secured TopGolf, which will not only benefit residents but will also draw in tourists, boosting our revenue base.

He led us thru a pandemic, balancing conflicting federal, state and county health department requirements/guidelines: a challenge, which no one had ever experienced. Was it perfect? No. Were there hiccups? Yes. However, nothing was normal, nothing was perfect and neither was he.

Mayor Williams continuously expanded the Light the Park decorations, which is a favorite for all, young and old, and I know he will continue to enhance this holiday treat.

In redevelopment, he oversaw the former Silver Spoon restaurant area transform into Starbucks, Pure Barre and others, as well as the Phillips 66 eyesore turn into 35 North and Summer Moon Coffee. The Old Ingles building also got a makeover and work has begun at the Old Kroger.

Farragut is evolving. Our demographics are changing, and the Town is working very hard to keep a balance between the old and new.

Changes are not always popular, and Mayor Williams will not be able to make everyone happy, but I do know that his goals for a next term, if re-elected, will continue to enhance the Town, expand community events, keep us fiscally sound and exhibit the best decisions for all of the residents.

Given his accomplishments in his first term as mayor, I would rate him as a high performer. I plan to vote for Mayor Williams and encourage my fellow residents to do the same.

Nancy Bolon,