‘Many accomplishments’ by Williams

Letter to the Editor

I have lived and raised my family in what is now Farragut since 1978. Also, I have had the honor of being selected by and working with all four mayors in the Town’s history as a member of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission (FMPC).

As such, I feel I have a rather unique perspective on the evolution of the Town, and as well as the leadership that not only founded the Town, but has guided its growth.

Under the leadership of current Mayor Ron Williams, there have been many accomplishments covering fiscal responsibility, community projects and economic development that enhance the quality of life in Farragut and make the Town the envy of many.

The specifics of Ron’s first term accomplishments can easily be found on his re-election website (mayorronwilliams.com) and were described in a well-written letter to the editor by Nancy Bolon in the June 25 farragutpress.

While it is important to recognize Ron’s many first term accomplishments, this mayoral election is about securing the bright future for the Town and its citizens, about continuing to build on the Founders’ vision and about continuing the strong leadership of Ron Williams for a second term.

A significant part of the Town’s future depends on solid plans and strategies for dealing with and managing the inevitable growth of the Town and the impacts from outside the Town.

It is also important to continue the implementation of current plans that address current issues, as well as future strategies that address future growth and external pressures on the Town.

Specifically, Ron will continue to use key relationships he has built with local, regional, state and federal agencies/officials and community groups beneficial to Farragut in planning and securing funding for infrastructure projects, parks and investments that benefit the citizens’ quality of life.

For example, Ron will continue to address traffic flow with the $6.6 million upgrade to the Town’s traffic light systems being funded by the Federal Highway administration, the implementation of roadway upgrades/improvements in Farragut such as Virtue Road Phase 2, the Kingston Pike/Campbell Station Road intersection, Union Road reconstruction and advocating for state and federal funds for widening Interstate 40 from the Lovell Road exit to the Watt Road exit to relieve cut- through traffic on Kingston Pike.

Ron will continue to emphasize updating and amending our Comprehensive Land Use Plan based on Town needs and community input. Continuing the sector meetings in specific areas of the town brings the CLUP closer to each citizen and focuses on what improvements are needed for this living document in specific areas.

His attention to detail and fairness in implementing Town Ordinances associated with land use and development have been and will continue to be core traits of his leadership.

Ron has established credentials and doesn’t wave his hands and pontificate or claim to be an all-knowing expert in everything. I have found his ethics to be beyond reproach.

He has a proven and very successful track record with measurable results that have greatly benefited Farragut’s citizens. He is action- and results-oriented, and he is tireless and relentless in his passion for Farragut.

As I said in the beginning, I know a leader for our Town when I see one, and Ron is the one we need to be our Mayor for another four years.

I definitely plan to vote for Mayor Williams, and I ask my friends, neighbors and the citizens of Farragut (both new and old) to do so as well.

Ed St. Clair