Lots of reasons given to support Johns

Letter to the Editor

I moved back to Tennessee this month, but I once lived in the Farragut area off Choto Road and attended The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I am a graduate of the UT supply chain management program.

Through the supply chain program, I met Bill Johns. I have known Bill for about 10 years, and he is instrumental in my career as to countless others, including my younger sister. He is truly a great friend and one of the most straightforward, friendly and welcoming people in Knoxville.

Bill is a fascinating individual and has mentored me much in my life and encouraged me to join the federal government in a position that took me abroad with duties in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

I can attest that Bill Johns is very knowledgeable on many subjects besides being a supply chain expert. Bill was supportive of my work and my agency, and encouraged me to try opportunities that fell outside of the normal operations of traditional organizations.

Bill is strategic thinker and a problem solver with great interpersonal skills and foresight. The type of work he does is amazing and does not fall within standard practices of “traditional” thinking ingrained in bureaucratic/hierarchical organizations.

Bill’s ability to support important missions and people of our country makes him invaluable to any community. He has been an innovator, leader, and community volunteer throughout his life.

Bill has also helped me personally over the years on many entrepreneurial ventures including me transitioning back to the private sector. Bill would make an excellent Mayor for Farragut and bring a level of skills and professionalism that are truly exceptional.

Please vote for Bill Johns in the upcoming election for Farragut Mayor!

Eric Gibson,