Incumbent is labeled ‘a true volunteer’

Letter to the Editor

Over 40 years ago, a small group of 30-year-olds sought to separate themselves from Knox County due to many issues.

My husband (Town co-founder and former Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill) and I were among those.

We wished to control our own destiny and what was running rampant in our community. To name a few … structures built in floodways, houses being built without permits, curb cuts every few feet, out-of-control signage, meetings postponed when hundreds showed up to protest, and on and on.

The meetings were held during working hours, so that very few could attend. We had no voice, as we were shot down at every turn. There was even one instance where my husband was told he did not have the right to speak.

All one has to do is take a drive down Kingston Pike to see that the Town has had a positive influence in the area and into Knox County. Many of the traffic problems we are currently encountering is traffic being diverted off of the Interstate in order to get around back-ups. I assure you this has not gone unnoticed.

As far as the overcrowded schools go, all we can do is try our best to work around it. This is out of control. They are under Knox County’s jurisdiction. I believe the board is doing the very best they can do to rectify the situation.

We are currently going through “growing pains,” but rest assured the Mayor (Ron Williams) is currently working relentlessly to make things better. His ideas are fresh and new, and he hardly spends a moment without thinking of the community — and his response times go above and beyond.

He works as a volunteer 24/7 trying to keep up with our needs. He is a true volunteer in every sense of the word, and is not about “himself.” Elected officials throughout the state of Tennessee have shown their confidence in him by electing him as the vice president of the Tennessee Municipal League.

Mayor Williams has strived from day one to carry out my husband’s dreams and visions for the Town. That is why I proudly intend to cast my vote for him in the upcoming election and urge everyone to do the same.

Marianne McGill