‘Thorough research’ among Meyer skills

All of us have sat with a group, whether it be family, friends or co-workers, all contemplating where to go for lunch or dinner.

Inevitably there will be a different selection by each one. One will be extremely vocal, others will agree and there is that one that no matter what, is angry that they didn’t get their way.

Scott Meyer is the one who would be the vocal one, but this is not a fault; he will state why he wants it and if you give him a minute and listen, he will tell you exactly why he made the choice. In today’s world, it is difficult to get people to listen.

I am hoping that I can get you, the residents of Farragut, just to listen. My first interaction with Scott was when he, as a resident of Fox Run, tackled the potential development of Swan Farms. Tenacious, meticulous, determined, he quickly researched laws/ordinances/requirements in order to ensure that Union Road and all of the residents living in the vicinity of Union Road were not going to be adversely affected by the potential development.

His passion for residential rights sparked a desire in him to continue to serve and he decided to run for Alderman, Ward 1, Town of Farragut. Taking the seat in 2018, Scott acclimated to this position quickly, jumping in, learning before ruling, always maintaining integrity.

Don’t get me wrong, Scott is passionate. He is passionate about his family, his career, his church, his volleyball, his job, his alderman responsibilities and this Town.

The negative portrayal of Scott on social media, infantile as it is, would be very difficult for the most seasoned politician to handle. His integrity has been called into question without basis. I can attest, unequivocally, that Scott is a man of the utmost integrity and I completely trust him.

I have served for six years on the Fox Run HOA board with Scott and although we can disagree, I would never call into question his ethics and integrity and passion.

He does not make decisions without thorough research. He does not just go with the flow. His desire to continue to make Farragut the best place for family, residents and visitors is unquestionable.

He lives here, he works here and he believes in Farragut. He will continue to do what is best for everyone.

Will there be hiccups? I think there will, but I believe he will continue to work for you. He’s got my vote.

Jim Bolon,