Layman is Ward II vote choice

Personally, I have lived in the Farragut community since August of 1983. I am a graduate of Farragut High School. When it came time for me to start my own family, I knew I didn’t want to leave home, Farragut. My reason for writing to you is to talk about Marty Layman.

Marty is currently running for the Alderman position for Ward II within the Town of Farragut. This is more commonly known as the South side of Kingston Pike. He will definitely be getting my vote on Aug. 4.

I have known Marty for the past four years and worked with him side by side while volunteering our time with the Farragut High School Band. During that time I learned a great deal about Marty and his family as we became friends.

They moved here about 24 years ago, and Marty has been active within the community since their arrival in Farragut. Marty has served on the Visual Resources Review Board for the Town of Farragut for 15 years and been a member of the Kiwanis Club while raising a family and being involved with various committees within his church!

Needless to say, he enjoys being able to volunteer his time within our community. His daughter has just graduated this spring, so now he has the time to commit to our town as Alderman.

I’ve seen his leadership stance throughout the short time that I have known him through his commitment to action after carefully listening to all of the information.

Marty would be excellent as alderman through his actions, and I know he would have the morals, ethics and the passion to continue making the Town of Farragut a wonderful place to live.

One of the many reasons I feel Marty Layman would be the right person for the job is that I have heard him say this quote on several occasions throughout the time I have known him:

“There are a number of things that I believe strongly in. Faith, family, our great country, friends and also in service to our community. I think it’s important to be a productive member of the community in which you live.”

Brian Fox,