Examples favoring vote for Meyer

It’s easy to strike up conversation with neighbors about candidates for Tennessee state or national office — all of us see television news or get Internet feeds and quickly form opinions.

Few of us have personal interactions with those candidates. I had a personal interaction with Alderman and candidate Scott Meyer that proved to be productive and demonstrates his commitment to local government.

At the request of our HOA president, Scott took an evening out of a busy schedule to meet with members of our subdivision to discuss land use and zoning in Farragut. Scott listened, took notes — and later used our input to represent homeowners’ interests as it related to the development of property adjacent to ours.

While we were pleased with his support of our view, a very consistent stance on the issue, I’m not so naive to believe that every representative will agree with me or my neighbors on every issue. That’s OK. Our representatives get varied input and need to take in many differing views.

Scott seeks to understand citizen views — and uses that input to craft decisions that impact all of us in Farragut. I’m glad to see he is running and hope to see his election bid succeed.

Jon Holztrager,