Fond youth memories of Parade, Rodeo, etc.

Can you imagine two boys pushing, not riding, a broken go-cart down Kingston Pike on a blistering hot summer day as part of the Farragut Fourth of July parade?

Memories like this, with my best friend growing up, come flooding in every year as I anticipate our parade. This fond memory, along with so many others that are cemented in my brain, have secured our family’s spot along the parade route for the last 14 years.

The memories my children have already made ensure we will be back year after year. Whether it’s a bike ride to the store for ice cream or a picnic in the park, children simply do not forget when parents stop and take time for family activities.

Every summer, my family likes to make a summer bucket list and this parade, along with the Lawn Chair Concert Series, the Bob Watt Fishing Rodeo and visiting nearly every park in Town, fills our list with fun memories and brings back memories of years past.

Who else remembers the carnival that would come to the Village Green shopping center? I chuckle as I recall eating all the deliciously unhealthy carnival food and then boarding the Gravitron or the Superloop only to regret how much I ate.

Preserving these memories and gifting them to my kids is what motivated me and my wife to raise our family here in Farragut. With five kids, we stay busy, but we always manage to make time for the abundance of activities that are available, such as playing at Farragut Golf & Games or the using the new basketball and tennis courts at McFee Park.

Serving as an alderman in Farragut is such a humbling experience. I am proud of this town that I was born and raised in, and I take pride in being a part of its future. This community, which has brought me such joy over the years, is continuing to grow and offer joy for my children. My responsibility in securing a bright future for my children and future grandchildren here is one I do not take lightly.

Even if you were not able to attend our annual Fourth of July parade, my hope is that you will make time to enjoy some of the many other great events and activities our community has to offer. Farragut has been a great place to live for a long time and I am extremely excited about our future!