Beauty & the Beard opens in Village Green

Michael Owens and Jessica Ronning have ventured out, combining their talents to open Beauty & the Beard, a brick-and-mortar salon at 11511 Kingston Pike in Village Green shopping center, where they are hair stylists and owners.

This couple, engaged to be married, serve both men and women. For women, they provide haircuts, color, texture services, extensions, waxing and blowout treatments.

She explained a blowout treatment is a smoothing treatment.

“It take out 100 percent frizz out of the hair and up to 75 percent of curl out of the hair (for 12 weeks),” Ronning added. “Especially in this humidity it helps a lot. We have a lot of people who like to do it in the summertime.

“We also provide men’s services: Men’s waxing, beard trims, haircuts,” Owens said.

”We actually have a lot of men who get nose and ear waxes,” Ronning said.

“We don’t offer the straight razor services (of a barber) yet,” Owens said. “We are actually going back to get our barber’s license because the only difference between a hair stylist and a barber is a barber can use a straight razor on the skin, where we have to use guarded razors.”

The couple has been in the Village Green location for two months. Prior to that, Owens and Ronning shared a suite at Saah Salon Suites for seven months.

“Before that, I was at a (Ross the Boss) salon for 25 years,” said Ronning, adding she met Owens when she was teaching him at Ross the Boss School.

“She was actually my teacher in cosmetology school,” Owens said.

“Twelve years ago, I actually taught him,” Ronning added.

Ronning and Owens were at Ross the Boss for three years before they partnered at Saah Salon.

Then “the offer of buying this place came up,” Owens said about the Village Green location.

“This is my second time owning this place,” Owens said, having previously owned a salon with his ex-wife until their divorce, when he returned to Ross the Boss.

Ronning also promotes and teaches about Keune, “our products and our color brand that we use,” she said. “They send me all over the country to teach, so last week I was in Alaska.

While hours are by appointment, walk-in customers can be served from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. For appointments, call 865-242-5596 or go online at