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• I attended the open house at the Farragut Community Center a (few) weeks ago with Hy-Vee (store officials), and I was very impressed with the presentation and the idea of them coming to the Town. I think it’ll be great for sales tax revenue. It looks like it’ll be a great store, and it’ll be a great addition to the community. I fully support the Hy-Vee project.

• We have talked to many people in Farragut that are very excited about the Hy-Vee store (possibly) coming to Farragut. I congratulate Farragut and the (family owning the store’s proposed location) for getting this fine Midwestern company to come to Farragut. That would be a very good tax-generator for Farragut; Farragut lives on sales tax revenue. And congratulations to the Town of Farragut for being business friendly to get a big company like this Des Moines, Iowa, company to come to Farragut.

• The proposed Hy-Vee location in our (inaudible) community would be great asset to generate business, to generate jobs and sales tax. Hy-Vee is a great retail establishment, so I wholeheartedly welcome them and hope that it works out.