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• I attended the open house at the Farragut Community Center a few weeks ago with the Hy-Vee store officials. I was not the least bit impressed with the presentation. They did not seem to feel that there was a need to be fully prepped. I asked quite a few questions, as well as other people (who) did, that they didn’t seem to be able to answer.

Many of us who were there — and many who did not come — oppose putting the Hy-Vee on (a private property owner’s acreage along Kingston Pike) because of traffic concerns, safety concerns, noise concerns and pollution concerns.

That property would have a store banking right up to neighborhoods that have been there for quite some time. I know I personally wouldn’t want to live next door to a 156,000 square-foot grocery store with fuel pumps and soforth. We need to make sure that if Hy-Vee does come to Farragut, it needs to pick a better location and not have such a negative impact on families and neighborhoods — and not be an inappropriate development.

• I think someone should investigate the noise in the Everett Road area and Smith Road and Andover areas. I live on Smith Road just off Everett. The road is getting so bad with loud exhaust and speeding. They see how loud they can get because there is no patrol watching or maintaining it. Day and night they are causing loud exhaust noise, and the faster they go and wind their engines, the louder the exhaust is.

I have been here for 65 years and it is decently (sic) the worst ever. Needs to be something done. They need to be policing the area.

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