Lawn Chair Series

  • Winning this potato sack race is Kaeden Knudsen, far left, 11.

  • Kevin McCandrew and his granddaughter, Parry Clark, 4.

  • Liz Sherrod with her son, Whit, 5.

  • J.C. and Mary Ball with their children, Garrett, 4, and Emmy, 2.

  • Stanton Elseroad with his daughters, from left, Vera, 3; Hope, 6; and Gwen, 1.

  • From left are Rhonda Moon and her friends, Eileen Smith and her daughter, Jennifer Smith. Neenya, a 7-year-old Australian cattle dog, joins the trio.

  • Tasha Clay, left, holds her daughter, Isabella, 10 months, alongside older daughter, Brooklyn (orange top), 3. Laura Buck, right, is joined by her daughters, from left, Alice (yellow crown), 4; Ivy, 2; and Eleanor, 6.

  • Brandon and Megan Barnes and their sons, Cooper, 1, and Hudson, 4.

  • Nate Dolan and his girlfriend, Judy Maggard, with his daughter, Emma, 12, and son, Riley, 8.

  • Jim Caughorn is joined by his wife, Kellie Caughorn (wearing hat) and daughters, Sheridan Caughorn (red) and Chelsie Dallas (yellow shoes) and their friend, Beth Floyd.

  • Kathy and Stan Wilson, left, are joined by their son, Chris Wilson, and their children, Izzy and Logan.

  • “School of Rock” threesome, from left, are Tathen Bunch, Alex Terry and Micah Blackstone.

Scores of families descended upon Founders Park at Campbell Station as Town of Farragut kicked off its annual Lawn Chair Series Saturday evening, July 16. With “School of Rock” and its local youth among 11 band members who helped provide the evening’s entertainment, food trucks kept folks from letting an empty stomach ruin all the fun. Kids enjoyed potato sack races between musical performances.

Photos by Alan Sloan