Knives for a lifetime at Tennessee Cutlery

Pocket knives, specialty collector’s and hunting knives — among many others — are featured in a new shop in Farragut.

Farragut resident Moe Alush, president/CEO/owner of Tennessee Cutlery, LLC., opened the business a month ago at 11414 Kingston Pike, Suite C in the alcove.

Customers will find knives signifying holidays, such as Father’s Day or Christmas; other events, such as weddings, graduations or birthdays; religious; wildlife; licensed, such as John Deere, Boy Scouts, Ford or Chevy, etc.; and patriotic and military.

As a master dealer for the Case brand, the store carries more than 2,000 different knives, which includes Case’s entire line and special factory order products or exclusives. There are different sizes, handle materials and boxes.

“Some of them are pocket knives, and some of them are for hunting — fixed blade,” Alush said. “Some of them are just collectibles. Some of them have exotic materials, and some of them are for everyday carry.

“I have a special relationship with Case because I started my business with Case,” he added. “So, my success story started with Case. I remember the first time I saw a Case knife, I didn’t know anything about it.

“I started researching. I understood the history behind it. I understood it’s a sign of pride — people pass their knives from one generation to another.

“Some people like to collect knives. I have some people who buy knives (but) they don’t use them. They just appreciate the worksmanship and details.”

Alush also carries Buck, Hen & Roster, Buck Creek and German Bull knives.

Modern knives they carry are Benchmade, Fox, Esse, Cold Steel, Hinderer, Ontario, Liomsteel, Kershaw, SOG, Spyderco., We Knife, Zero Tolerance, Civivi, Protech and QSB. “And we are in the process of carrying Microtech, a modern knife,” Alush added.

Kitchen knives also are included in the mix, along with laser engraving on a knife blade. Alush also is looking into implementation of a knife sharpening service.

Hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday,

For more information, call 865-223-5448, e-mail Alush at or visit