County Profiles: At-Large Commission Seat 10

Despite repeated attempts to contact Democrat Dylan Earley, Knox County Commission At-Large Seat 10 candidate, for weeks, no communication was established.

We regret not being able to share his platforms.

Larsen Jay Incumbent GOP candidate

• Based on what you’ve accomplished in office, and your qualifications, experience and any other positive quality, why should you be re-elected?

“I am asking the people of Knox County to re-elect me as their At-Large Commissioner because of my track record as a public servant and relative experience in the private sector.

“In my first term, I’ve diligently supported public education, including funding for three new elementary schools, while also relocating the KCS administration offices and putting the AJ Building back on the tax rolls.

“Additionally, I have been an ardent supporter of our law enforcement professionals by advocating for bonuses and raises, reformed the protection program, provided funding for new Sheriff’s Office initiatives and continued to ride with officers in the field to better understand their roles and responsibilities.

“And finally, I’ve spearheaded several impactful community projects, including the Beaver Creek watershed cleanup, Mental Health and Housing State-of-the-County reports, Corryton Helipad installation and the Northshore Greenway and Pedestrian Safety improvements. I believe I’ve demonstrated my ability to serve constituents with distinction while accomplishing meaningful projects across the County.”

• What are three things you hope Commission, with your help and leadership, need to help Knox County accomplish in the next four years if re-elected?

“If given the opportunity to serve in a second term on Commission, three efforts I would like to complete include the AdvanceKnox land-use and transportation planning project, direct more focus on critical infrastructure needs, and continue efforts of our law enforcement professionals to bolster recruitment and retain our best officers with competitive pay.”

• What is at least one thing needed in the 5th District that you support to accomplish with funding?

“I have been working for four years on the Northshore Greenway and Pedestrian Safety Project and am proud to have the support of Mayor Jacobs and my fellow Commissioners.

“This effort includes four distinct phases that will dramatically improve access to parks and trails and offers over 25,000 neighbors safe opportunities to walk, bike or run throughout the Northshore corridor. Phase I (Callaway Ridge Trailhead) was completed in 2021; Phase II (Greenway from Concord Road roundabout west to the bridge plus improvements to Concord Park) was completed in 2022; Phase III (boardwalk under both bridges) will be completed later this year.

“Phase IV (greenway extension from the Cove Park to Choto Road roundabout) is in the planning stages.

“When funding is secured for the final phase and construction is complete in 2023, this new pedestrian corridor will help save lives and bring new pedestrian connectivity throughout the 5th District.”