Outlet hotel coming, new apartment details told: Williams

Sharing Town growth plans that are in the works, recently re-elected Farragut Mayor Ron Williams was featured speaker during Rotary Club of Farragut’s weekly meeting in Fox Den Country Club Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 17.

As for Town Center growth, where ALDI now sits as the center’s first business, “Bud Cullom (the developer) tells us there’s going to be four restaurants there, and there will be 286 apartments, which should help ease some of the housing crunch we’ve got going on in Town,” Williams said.

The mayor said Elkmont Station would be moving in beside Starbucks in Farragut Gateway shopping center at the corner of South Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, while Panera Bread is set to open beside Truist Bank along Kingston Pike (see related story on this page). An expansion program is under way at the Villages of Farragut senior living center along Peterson Road, while the Town looks to widen Evans Road.

Taking a ride along Outlet Drive and seeing the recently opened Topgolf, the Town also will welcome Tommy Watersports and Score Hotel.

Dixie Lee Junction/Watt Road

Heading out toward Dixie Lee Junction, at the intersection of Kingston Pike and South Watt Road behind Little Joe’s Pizza, Williams said an apartment complex is being built with about 200 planned.

“The jury’s still out with what will be a grocery store there,” he added. While a Food City was in the works originally, there was a disagreement on the lease amount.

“So, that’s still kind of up in the air,” the mayor added.

“In the future on Watt Road, you will see a roundabout at the lower entrance of (Mayor Bob Leonard Park) ...,” Williams said.

“One of the big things that will help our traffic issues will be Watt Road and the Campbell Station exit projects ($35 million and $48 million respectively),” he added. “What will go along with that will be the fourth lane (on Interstate 40/75) going from Lovell Road all the way to the split.”

and that’s what drives the traffic in our Town.”

As for leisurely recreation, “Arguably, our Town has more walking trails and sidewalks than any other town its size in the United States,” Williams said. Another trail in this year’s budget will go along Virtue Road.