Children’s Art Fest work

  • Isabella Ragal, 6, takes aim to create squirt gun art during Town of Farragut’s Art Fest Sunday, Sept. 18, in Farragut Community Center parking lot.

  • Aurora McBride, 3, shows her work of dauber stamping art

  • Killian Jones, 5, tries his hand at easel painting.

“Art Fest was amazing,” said Merrit Piper, recreation and event manager. “It was great to see children having fun and showcasing their creativity. We estimated the crowd was around 750 people. We received a lot of feedback from parents and children. One man stated he loved that the event brought so many aspects of the community together. ... He and his family enjoyed the event so much, he asked how he could get involved with events in the future.”

Photos by Tammy Cheek