Farragut Ladies Society Cotillion

  • From left are Jenny Martinez, Emily Johnson, Ashley Swor, Wendy Stiles, Allison Prosan, Meredith Whitehead and Cammy Kromer. - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • John and Kelsea Walters - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • Kevin Franklin and Suzi Kiger - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • Michael and Kimberly Goldsborough - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • Chris and Julie Goodrich - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • Dave and Tricia Stevens - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • Arrington Russell, left, Farragut Ladies Society president, with Jenny Martinez - Photos by Alan Sloan

  • Ray and Julie Parrish, left, and Lauren and Tommy Morgan - Photos by Alan Sloan

Raising more than $12,000 for Helping Mamas, Farragut Ladies Society more than met its fundraising goal during annual FLS Cotillion — as scores of FLS members were joined by their husbands for this black tie event — in Fox Den Country Club’s main ballroom, Saturday evening, Aug. 27.

“Farragut Ladies Society is a nonprofit organization designed to recognize involved women in the Farragut community,” an FLS press release stated. “The cotillion is a time to celebrate while supporting local charities. …This year Helping Mamas Knoxville was nominated as our 2022 charity.

“Helping Mamas Knoxville supports over 60 East Tennessee agencies,” the release further stated. “They are the only registered diaper bank within two-and-half hours of Knoxville. Helping Mamas collects donated items for birth to 12. These items are distributed to partner social service agencies serving low-income families. One in three families has to choose between diapers and food. …”

The gathering heard an address from Tess Frear, Helping Mamas executive director, while presenting 15 new FLS Patrons for 2022: Amy Coulter, Elizabeth Greene, Cathy Gurley, Cecille Skeens, Elizabeth McGill, Emily Watson, Erin Dustin, Jennifer Shuler, Jillian Pacelli, Kelley Tafazzoli, Kelly Johnson, Lauren Ladd, Melanie Hall, Michelle Russ and Sarah Lambert.

Directors are Arrington Russell, also FLS president, along with Ashley Holmes, Kathryn Phillips and Stacey Hall.