town staff view

New set of Town priorities for FY ’23

After a busy summer that included the opening of the newest phase at McFee Park, the reconfiguration of Campbell Station Road under I-40/I-75 and an election, the Town of Farragut staff is buckling down on a new set of priorities.

Upcoming projects include the Advanced Traffic Management System, a town-wide traffic signal system upgrade that will allow signal timing to be changed to accommodate temporary traffic situations.

Other priorities include purchasing right-of-way for Union Road improvements, improved pedestrian crossings along Kingston Pike from Campbell Station Road to Concord Road, additional parking and trails at McFee Park and Light the Park prep.

In addition to these projects, staff continually maintains parks and other public areas, reviews plans, balances the books and greets customers with a smile. The work never stops, and much of it takes place outside of public view.

That’s why I want to give each Town of Farragut director the opportunity to explain what their staff does and how they make a difference in our community. In the coming weeks, you’ll hear from each of the Town’s five departments: Administration, Engineering, Parks & Recreation, Public Works and Planning/Codes.

Because the Town operates without a municipal property tax, we have a lean, efficient staff that works together on many projects, and I’m proud of what we accomplish every day.

I hope that you will take the time to learn more about how the Town functions by reading this series. One thing to keep in mind is that the Town of Farragut doesn’t operate within a vacuum. Our elected Board of Mayor and Aldermen sets our priorities, and they rely on citizen feedback to make their decisions.

There are several ways to provide input on the work of the Town: attend a public meeting, e-mail board members (see for e-mail addresses), attend public forums and participate in community surveys. We appreciate citizens who take the time to share their opinions through these avenues.

It takes a special group of people to serve the public, and that’s what we have in Farragut. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know us better.

Town administrator David Smoak