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• We have talked to numerous people about the Hy-Vee merchandise store proposal for Farragut, and most people are favorable to it because the density of the residential is lower density than Glen Abbey or Park Place. They are proposing residential on the southside of the (sought) property that is lower than Glen Abbey, lower than Park Place. Plus, they have a park they are proposing, a walking trail and a new (traffic) signal at (the Kingston Pike intersection with) Jamestowne Boulevard.

That will allow Glen Abbey people to come out at that traffic signal to avoid the traffic jam that’s now there when they come out of Glen Abbey Boulevard. That’s a great second access out of Glen Abbey.

Also, I want to point out that when Glen Abbey was built, (the landowner of the property on which Hy-Vee wants to build) saved the Glen Abbey development. Also (this same person) saved the Kroger development. So (this landowner) should have every right to develop this great development.

• My family and I are lifelong residents of Farragut, and we are excited to have the possibility of a great concept Hy-Vee to come to Farragut. It would be a wonderful addition to our community, and the walking trails, the park, the low-density development will be another plus. So we are hoping that it will pass (Town regulations and evaluations) and get through, and we’re not worried about any added traffic. There shouldn’t be any problem with that, so we are definitely supporting it.

• Thursday, Nov. 17, at the FMPC meeting, Hy-Vee learned that the Town of Farragut is not like many of the small towns that they have pushed their stores into against residents’ wishes in residential areas. The Town of Farragut listed to its citizens. We may not always agree with them, and they may have to go a different direction than the citizens want, but they do listen.

One takeaway I had from last night was, the one representative from Hy-Vee kept saying, “the neighborhood,” referring to Glen Abbey. Yet, Hy-Vee has been told repeatedly there are multiple neighborhoods: (also) Park Place, Derby Chase, Shiloh, Belleaire, Farragut Crossing, Village Green that will be negatively impacted by the traffic, the pollution, the noise from having a store bigger than Costco in the middle of a residential area.

But they don’t really seem to care. They just want to put a store there, even if it means knocking it down a few thousand (square) feet. There are other places on Kingston Pike at Watt Road— or even on the north side of Campbell Station — that are much more appropriate where land is available.

• It’s Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022. In reading about the meeting in (the Nov. 16 issue) of the farragutpress with (Board of Mayor and Alderman) about relieving/alleviating the traffic issues of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, in Tammy Cheek’s article on page 1(A), I cannot actually believe I just read that a Town (official) actually suggested that one way to help pay for the work may come from building a Hy-Vee store on (property along Kingston Pike near its intersection with Campbell Station), creating more traffic. Someone please come and pick up the pieces, my head just exploded.

(Editor’s Note: this apparently is the statement the caller has questioned in Tammy Cheek’s story: ... He pointed out one possibility is when the (Hy-Vee-sought) property develops, the developers would be required to pay for some of those improvements. ... Does this statement amount to suggesting that building a Hy-Vee store is “one way to help pay for the work?”)