Ginny turns 105

  • Ginny is pictured with her great-great-granddaughter, Peyton Spurgeon, age 3 ½, who was the youngest family member in attendance. - Photos by Michelle Hollenhead

  • NHC Farragut resident Virginia “Ginny” Zimmermann, center, celebrated her 105th birthday Sunday, Dec. 11, with many family members, including her daughters, Joan Currie, left, and Sandy Seay. - Photos by Michelle Hollenhead

A very special birthday party was held Sunday, Dec. 11, in NHC Farragut, when resident Virginia “Ginny” Zimmermann celebrated her 105th birthday.

Many family members attended, including her two daughters, Sandy Seay of Hardin Valley and Joan Currie of Washington, D.C., along with five of her six grandchildren, a number of great-grandchildren and even her 3½-year-old great-great-granddaughter, Peyton Spurgeon.

One grandson, currently stationed in Spain, was unable to attend, but called her earlier in the day.

“She was so excited about the party she couldn’t sleep last night,” Seay said. “She called me at 2:30 and again 6:30 this morning, asking when the party was going to start.”

After posing for family pictures, Ginny thanked everyone for coming to her celebration, where she was presented with many gifts and an array of flowers while numerical balloons spelled out her age.

Guests were treated to birthday cupcakes and punch.

“I love being here and I love the idea that Sandy made this party for me,” she said to the dozens assembled. “I hope you all come back in the future, and I hope you all have a wonderful time.”

Ginny was asked how she felt about being 105, and she responded, “It feels wonderful, since Sandy was hosting this wonderful party, and I’m so glad everyone could be here.”

In addition to her family, many fellow NHC residents and employees also came by to wish Ginny well on her special day.

The amazing 105-year-old only moved to Farragut about three-and-a-half years ago after living in Kirkwood, Missouri, her entire life, to be closer to Sandy and her husband, Tom Seay.

“Mom has surprised all of us,” Seay said Sunday. “Of course, there are good days and bad days, but she is certainly a blessing and amazes us with how vibrant she is.”