Keep close eye on curious puppies

Q: Our Lab puppy is almost a year old. “Maggie” gets into everything, and I’m nervous about her with the Christmas tree, presents and family visiting. Any thoughts and advice you have would be certainly welcome. S.D., Farragut

A: Puppies can be a lot of fun over the holidays, but we do need to keep Maggie safe. With many new things in the home, like presents and ornaments, keep Maggie away from items that are small enough to swallow and/or choke on.

Mistletoe and poinsettias are worrisome, but not as severe as you might think. Both are likely to cause Maggie to have an upset stomach and potentially vomit, but this generally resolves without treatment.

Lots of family in the house could be exciting to Maggie, but it could also make her anxious. Give her time to adjust, lots of extra hugs and playtime and quiet time if/when she wishes, especially if young children are present.

Keep food and trash put away where Maggie cannot access it — we frequently see cases of “dietary indiscretion” this time of year.

We wish you and your family a safe and merry first Christmas with Maggie.

If you have questions about your pet, e-mail Dr. Myers at